​​Born in Uzbekistan, 1981

Tashkent . September 2002 - Feb. 2006 state of emergency "Mashal" technical administrator.

continued practice in the field of training personnel to work on a PC and software
visualization of architectural and advertising projects in printing and video.

Tashkent . ​​​January 2003 - December. 2005 Firm "Haikal" - designer and photographer. Processing and preparation for printing materials, supervision.

Tashkent . ​​September 2006 - January. 2011. firm "IMEX" ( Designer.
division - "IMEX design studio" interior design project, exterior (design
documentation, drawings, scanning plans), 3D modeling of objects surrounding scenes (hipoly), Photo-realistic visualization projects, staff (teaching, guide), working with printing materials, high-quality photographs process and completed projects, supervision (technical inspection).
During operation, the company has received the prestigious global award for quality
WQC (World Quality Commitment).

Moscow . January 2011 - September 2012. firm "LEO Company" ( Designer. Interior design project, architectural project documentation, drawings, 3D modeling of objects surrounding scenes (hi-poly), photo-realistic
design visualization, human resources (training, management), working with
printing materials, supervision and management (technical inspection, working with subcontractors).

Moscow . December 2012 - present time. firm "Life Forms" Designer-visualizer. 3D modeling of objects surrounding scenes (hi-poly), photo-realistic ​design visualization.





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